How Nabr works

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all. Every Nabr Home is built to order so you can decide what’s right for you: from what features you need to how you purchase your home.

Every Nabr Home is built to order, so you can decide what’s right for you: from what you need, to how you own. Find out how you can get your own Nabr Home.

How it works

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Five steps to ownership

Step 1

Join the waitlist

The waitlist is open to everyone. After you sign up, we’ll send you a short questionnaire so you can tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll reach out when an apartment that fits your needs becomes available.

Step 2

Customize your Nabr Home

When we have a match in your area, you will receive an invite to our Design Studio to select and customize your home. Choose your layout, interior design, and optional upgrades in our virtual Design Studio; we’ll provide you with pricing as you go.

Step 3

Decide how you buy

With more than one path to ownership, you can have the best of both worlds: the flexibility of leasing and the equity of owning. Buy upfront or qualify for our LEAP program to lock in your purchase price on day one — see below for details.

Step 4

Reserve your Nabr Home

When you’re ready, reserve your Nabr Home by paying a $1,000 refundable reservation fee. We’ll guide you through the financial qualification process to confirm your eligibility.

Step 5

Seal the deal

Once approved, you can officially pre-order your Nabr Home. Pay a non-refundable deposit as low as 1% of your home’s purchase price, sign a binding contract, and we’ll begin building.

Take the first step

Are you ready to take the first step?


Decide how you buy

Buy now


Buy with cash or a traditional mortgage through your lender of choice or one of Nabr's preferred partners.

Lease first


Choose the terms of your LEAP purchase option and lock in your purchase price.

  • Choose the duration of your LEAP purchase option. Select a longer duration (up to five years) if you need extra time to save up for a down payment on a conventional mortgage.

  • Sign an initial two-year lease agreement.


Pay monthly rent while earning credits toward your home purchase.

  • You make monthly lease payments.

  • Each month, we set aside a portion in credits to use toward your future Nabr purchase.


Buy your home at your locked-in price.

  • Your purchase price is what you locked in on day one.

  • If your home appreciates beyond your purchase price, you retain that value.

  • Your earned credits can be applied to reduce your purchase price.

  • If you decide not to purchase, you are free to move out at the end of your initial lease term.

  • Credits are only applicable toward the purchase of your Nabr Home.


We're here to help.

Find answers to some of the questions that may come to mind. If you don’t see yours, shoot us an email.

We offer straightforward pricing and flexible payment options so you can own on your terms. If you aren’t ready to buy now, our LEAP (Lease-to-purchase) program puts you on a path to ownership from day one. Start by choosing the terms of your lease and locking in your purchase price with as low as 1% down. Each time you make a monthly lease payment, you’ll earn credits you can use toward the future purchase of your home. When you’re ready to buy, pay the purchase price you locked in on day one, whether you pay in cash or obtain a mortgage. The credits you’ve earned will reduce your purchase price; if your home appreciates beyond your purchase price, you retain that value, too.

Our Design Studio is an immersive digital experience that allows you to personalize your space. Choose your layout, select from a range of curated interiors, and add the upgrades that make your home yours. Want to see for yourself? Join the waitlist, and we will notify you when our Design Studio is open.
Join the waitlist.

You can pre-order a Nabr Home directly from our website—the same way you would pre-order a car. In our Design Studio, you get to customize your home to make it your own, with packages from renowned interior designers. Next, you get to decide how you buy, with the ability to purchase upfront or qualify for Nabr's LEAP program. Pricing is always transparent, so there are no surprises when you go to make your purchase official. Once you move in, you get access to the Nabr App, which you can use to control all of your home's functions and services as well as upgrade your home over time. Periodic software updates will be pushed to your home to keep it current.

Signing up for the waitlist lets us know what you’re looking for so that we can find the right home for you. As spaces open up in your area, you’ll be invited to experience our Design Studio, where you can customize your space and define the details. The Design Studio for our first project, which is in San Jose, will be open to waitlist members in 2022.

Like any real estate purchase or rental, a third party will perform a financial screening to ensure that you can accommodate a monthly lease payment and prepare to exercise your LEAP purchase option. Don’t worry — we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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Are you ready to take the first step?

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